Your Ideal Candidate Could Already Be on Your Team.

Confidently identify the perfect employees for upskilling and reskilling with PXT Select™.

Optimize Your Talent Strategy

PXT Select assessments help you align your people strategy with your business strategy. Reduce hiring costs and training time by identifying key roles and internal potential to allow talent mobility and upskilling.

Restructuring and role elimination shouldn’t have to mean letting go of top talent. Retain key team players and help them evolve professionally with uptraining and reskilling, helping them build the skills they need to take on new and expanding roles.

Retain Top Talent

Define the Perfect Fit

New and redefined roles can allow for growth opportunities from within. Guide your internal talent mobility by assessing job fit based on work, interests and job-specific traits.

Candidate Comparison

Whether you have one candidate and multiple roles available or multiple candidates and one role to fill, PXT Select reports provide data-driven insights to help you fill the right seats with the right people.

Data-Driven Approach

Make Smarter Talent Decisions with PXT Select

With over 30 years of experience, scientific research, and innovative technology, PXT Select assessments give organizations a competitive advantage by providing actionable data to identify the perfect candidates for talent optimization.

Upskill for
Career Growth

Reskill to Find Their Perfect Fit

Retain Key 
Talent Longer

Take the Risk Out of Filling New Roles

Get a Demo

Learn more about how PXT Select assessment tools can help you make smarter talent decisions 

Reduce Turnover 

Our powerful hiring assessments help you make smart talent decisions, ultimately reducing turnover in your organization.

Select for Job Fit

Bringing you the objective information you need to confidently hire, select, and engage employees.

Hire Sales Superstars

Powerful insights to help you identify and develop top sales talent through data-driven hiring.

Identify Next Generation Leaders

Helping you gain invaluable insights into a candidate's leadership potential.

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